Light plans

Fraai Werk goes beyond the lampshade, to offer integrated lighting solutions for interior and exterior. We turn light into an experience. Let us design the light plan of your entire building project, to create the atmosphere you are looking for, and tweak the qualities of the illumination to fit everybody’s needs.

We join the conversation with our clients, to find out exactly what they need. Our solutions can be based around our customised lighting solutions, or other existing products. Let us take the task off your hands and provide the necessary voice within your team. We’ll realise your lighting ambitions.

When we design lighting plans, the context is leading for the design result, be it the inside of a building or a landscaped setting outdoors. We strive towards a design that seamlessly merges with the context, and meets all relevant specifications and conditions. This goes further than just complying with formal guidelines, we also hold ourselves to the goal of complementing the existing context perfectly. It’s really about making the most of the potential that a building or environment has to offer, by asking focused questions to the involved stakeholders.