We offer customisable lighting solutions; lampshades and fittings that we adapt to fit our customers’ needs exactly. We don’t just produce products that we like ourselves, but listen to your ambitions and respond accordingly. We change the form, material, shape, and appearance. Like the light itself, we bend and adapt.

We are first and foremost designers, not sales people, and want to give our customers exactly what they are looking for. Tell us your ambitions, and let us understand and respond to them. As designers we observe the play of light in the world around us, and reflect its subtleties in beautifully crafted lighting solutions.

Our products are simple, pared down to the essence. By making use of our exclusive techniques, we don’t use more material than is absolutely necessary. The way we make design choices is by continually asking ourselves the question “What will this feature contribute?”. By keeping to this mantra, we ensure that all details of our products stem from a functional purpose. All the products from our collection can be customised to fit your wishes. This applies not only the form, but also the choice of material and dimensions.